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Hiload.org - Hiload proxy

Hiload.org is a free web-based proxy, you can use hiload to unblock all the sites that are blocked in your locale, you can use this for office and general use to unblock all the blocked sites with fastest and easiest proxy. Hiload.org is web based proxy which is made on Glype proxy script, you can use it free for lifetime without any restrictions, This proxy will help you to unblock firewall restrictions made by the government, school or by your network administrator. This proxy is six year old, so gives you a good experience of six year, it is online web based proxy which is used by more than one lac users per day, This site is in the list of top proxy sites, as this provide free, and complete access to all blocked site, This site is SSL secured and verified by star com LTD, so here your personal data is secured, They provide access to manage cookies so there is a new look of web proxy in this proxy site.

Hiload.org proxy

You can use Hiload.org for your office or for general work, this is a free proxy which gives you unlimited bandwidth, so you can use it without any restrictions. This proxy can be accessed on day and night, it is ad supported from Google ad-sense, which is daily earning more than 100 us $, this proxy have good speed and access to all blocked content so it is easy for you to use this without ease of any problem, if you want to use this proxy then follow the procedure given below :
Go to

  • Hiload.org by clicking on URL or by typing it in your browser or use direct Hiload,
  • Go down by scrolling,
  • Enter your URL in a box and click on GO button,
  • Your blocked site is opened, surf it anonymously.

    Use directly this proxy

    If you do not like to Go to hiload.org then you can use this proxy directly from our blog, to use this fastest proxy, follow the procedure given below:
  • Go down by scrolling,
  • Enter your blocked URL in a provided box,
  • Click on GO button,
  • Your blocked site is opened directly, explore it as you want.

    Allow scripts

    To increase you browsing speed and to save bandwidth and load on server the proxy usually automatically blocks the scripts, but java scripts are necessary for some websites like that of YouTube and for Google ad word, so to allow scripts for a website through using hiload proxy, follow the procedure given below :
  • Go to the hiload proxy,
  • Go down by scrolling,
  • Enter your URL,
  • Click on options present in front of URL box,
  • Remove tick from Remove scripts,
  • Browse your favorite site as the scripts are enabled.

    Turn off cookies

    Cookies are special code written by webmasters and saved on visitor computer by web server to know about visitor, like if you are login to Facebook then there are Facebook cookies present in your browser and on your computer, which tells Facebook that this user is already login, same as that for proxy, in proxy server the cookies are saved on server, and on hiload server you have the option to stop acceptation of cookies and you can also delete specific cookies if you want that proxy server of hiload.org does not accept cookies then follow the procedure below and stop cookies :
  • Go to Hiload.org
  • Go down,
  • Enter your URL in provided box,
  • Click on options tab,
  • Un-ticks the option Allow cookies,
  • Click on GO, now the server is not going to accept any cookie from that URL.

    Allow objects

    There is an another option in option tab and that removes objects that mean that proxy server should show you Flash files from site, Flash files are made in SWF format and server soon recognize it and block it to save bandwidth and load on server, if you are visiting such a site which is made on flash or it is of online work, like that of online games then you should have to enable acceptation of objects, to enable acception of objects follows the procedure given below:
  • Go to Hiload.org
  • Go down by scrolling,
  • Enter blocked site in URL box,
  • Click on options,
  • Remove the tick from Remove objects as shown in image,
  • Click on Go, now the site is with Flash objects, your browsing may become slow due to enabling objects, and viewing them from the proxy server.

    Delete cookies

    Cookies tell the web servers that this person is already associated with this site and he/she have visited this before so If you have browsed the site without ticking the cookie option and want to erase all the site data, then you are able to delete cookies which are present on server, to delete cookies of any site, follow the procedure given below :
  • Go to Hiload.org,
  • Surf site, which has cookies,
  • Now you have to delete cookies then go to cookies page by clicking on Cookie Page.

    What I do, if Hiload.org is also blocked in my locale?

    If Hiload.org is also blocked in your locale, then you can visit Hiload proxy site by using their IP address, as they have dedicated IP, so you can use and browse their site with their Ip address, if you want to browse this site with IP address then Follow the procedure given Below :
  • Click on their IP address .
  • Wait site to load,
  • Use it for free without ads.

    Use Hiload without ads

    You can surf hiload proxy without ads, to increase your speed and reduce bandwidth, if you want to surf hiload without ads then Follow the procedure given below:
  • Open site by their IP address: ,
  • Wait to load,
  • Use it without ads.

    Advantages of using this proxy

  • Free for lifetime use,
  • SSL secured,
  • Hide your online identity,
  • Fast servers speed,
  • Fast browsing,
  • Hide your IP address,
  • No pop-up ads during browsing,
  • Easy to use with simple view,
  • Browsing controls, like that of cookies,
  • No restrictions,
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

    Properties of Hiload

  • Simple and neat navigation,
  • Made on Glype, a trusted proxy script,
  • Verified by Star com LTD,
  • Work on mobile and on other platforms,
  • Ad supported site,
  • Working since 2008,
  • Secure your work.

    Working Media sites

    Provide an easy way to unblock famous site with just a single click, You can unblock all the famous site with just an ease of single, click on hiload.org site there present a list of sites, you can unblock them with just a single click, so you have to type.

    About Hiload

    Hiload is a web based proxy, which provide free and unlimited access to all blocked sites, it provide free proxy since 2008, now it have good experience of five years, it is ad supported site, which is earning more than 100 $ a day from Ads, According to Alexa it ranks on 15,795 in the world. The servers of this site are present in Amsterdam North Holland, Netherlands, where the local currency is Euro, its estimated worth is more than 20000 $, nearly one lac visitors use it daily, its page rank is four out of ten, it have nearly five total links and it is not submitted in Dmoz directory up till but provide good user experience.

    Technical details

    Top-level domain : .com
    Age: Five years
    World rank: 15,795
    Ip address of site:
    Hosted by NTCHOSTING.COM 
    Verified by Star com LTD
    Registered by Whois Agent LiquidNet US LLC
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